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Our history


    New Hope Missionary Baptist Church was organized May 31, 1841; its pastor was the Reverend J. W. Pawley.  The Church was first located on the Old Georgetown Road about 2½ miles from Mt. Pleasant.  This first church building was constructed with unfinished lumber and logs to support the framed structure.  The church’s congregation was small in number.  Baptisms were held at Hardy Green’s Landing.  There was a tidal watch because baptisms could only be held when the tides were low.  After the death of Reverend Pawley, Reverend Smith was called to become pastor.  Under his pastorate new and old members were baptized at the Landing.  The church remained on Georgetown Road for many years.  Later it was relocated on Highway 17 North.  This plot of land, one acre in size, was purchased for sum of ten dollars ($10.00) from Mrs. Betsy Green.  The deed was signed by its members and is recorded in the courthouse for public record.

    The third church building was built on this site and was pastored by Reverend Harry Vaughn.  He pastored until his retirement.  The Deacon Board then appointed Reverend A. W. Wright.  His largest host of members was in the year 1932; all these members were baptized in the church yard pool on the north side of the Church.  After Reverend Wright’s retirement, Reverend I. Smalls and then the Reverend Jackson from 15 miles Awendaw, South Carolina pastored for a short time.  Thereafter, Reverend Gladsden from Charleston pastored and during his tenure did minor renovations to the church.  After Reverend Gladsden, the church was led by Reverend Henry Anderson and Reverend Alfred Walter Green.

    In the year 1946, Reverend Steven T. Simmons (known as S. T. Simmons) was appointed as pastor to New Hope Baptist Church by its officers and members.  At that time the church was very small and a number of members were up in age.  In 1960 the officers and members decided to erect a new building.  This lovely sanctuary was constructed of cement blocks.  As the years passed the church was remolded.  That was the third building on this present site.  Reverend Simmons was pastor for the next 34 years until his death in 1981.  His pastorate was the longest in the history of the church.  The Deacon Board, Usher Board, Choir, Pulpit Aid Board, The Willing Workers Club and the Missionary Board were all re-organized by Reverend S. T. Simmons.  Ninety percent of the members at the time were baptized by the Reverend S. T. Simmons.  Doing his tenure all baptisms took place outdoors.  The outdoor pool became obsolete in 1950.  After Reverend S. T. Simmons death the church was without a pastor for 1 year.


    In January of 1982, Reverend Anthony Lowe was installed on the 31st.  Reverend Lowe was instrumental in re-organizing the Trustee Board.  He started the structure of the Reverand S. T. Simmons Fellowship Hall.  He pastored until the year 1987.  Reverend Lowe was the youngest minister to pastor at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.  Reverend George Jenkins was appointed to become pastor in February 1988.  He was installed as the 12th pastor of this growing church on April 17, 1988.  Rev. Jenkins completed the Reverend S. T. Simmons Fellowship Hall and put in place the first set of by-laws for the church.  During Hurricane Hugo he sustained the church's hope and calm within the congregation.  Reverend Parker Mitchell was called to serve as the 13th pastor in 1995.  Under his leadership, stain glass windows were installed throughout the church.  He served until he was called home to be with the Lord in 2006.

    Reverend Joseph Oree Sr., became the 14th pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church on August 6, 2007.  His love of God is in his heart and is reflected in his actions.  Under his leadership, the church has begun to grow spirituality and financially.  The fellowship came together with a new desire and hope.  The Male Choir has been re-activated an inspired, mid-week prayer and bible study is held weekly.  Three members of the pulpit staff have been ordained to go out and spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Proudly, three new deacons have been added to the Deacon Board of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

    Members who have not been a part of the church workforce have gotten involved by joining church committees.  A Hospitality Committee was established and as a result the church sanctuary and fellowship hall were painted, and a new updated sound system installed.  In 2012 with the expansion of 526/Highway 17 North, and the Hungry Neck extension, the Church began a beautification project to complement the road improvements.  It began by developing a partnership with Trident Community College, to negotiate a plan to share the parking lot as it expanded.  Further improvements to the Church occurred under the leadership of Pastor Oree.  In coordination with the deacons and trustees, a dedicated committee was appointed to lead this effort.  This included gravel for a parking lot expansion, the design of a fence for the front of the church, a new church sign, and the on-going Brick Memorial Walkway project.  Additionally, grave markers were pressure cleaned for preservation; safe guarding the grave stones which date back to the late nineteen-hundreds.

    New Hope Missionary Baptist Church is committed to continuing to preserve its important history in this community.  Today, the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church congregation, under the leadership of Pastor Joseph Oree Sr., is proud to be a powerful voice active in the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina community.

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